Field Experiments: Alternate Narratives

Alternate Narratives explores how young artists and filmmakers suggest themes of isolation, contemplation and solitude through the experimental film. 

There will be a post-screening dialogue between filmmakers Pimpaka Towira and Faozan Rizal, and Gallery curators Clarissa Chikiamco and Cheng Jia Yun. In this conversation, Pimpaka Towira and Faozan Rizal will discuss their beginnings in experimental filmmaking, its unique challenges, and the long-term support required to foster this art form. This conversation is pre-recorded.

The 2021 edition of Field Experiments is part of Expanded Frames, a project made possible with the support of Embassy of France in Singapore, Goethe-Institut Singapore & the Franco-German Cultural Fund.

Rating: PG


By Manit Sriwanichpoom, Nimit Pipithkul and Orawan Owatsan, Kan Bunyaowalak, and Khemthong Morach

Thailand | In Thai with English subtitles | 1992 | 16mm converted to digital video file | 23 min 20 sec | PG

Ukkabat is a creative interpretation of a real-life event: a woman’s discovery of an asteroid which lands in her village in Thailand.

Manit SriwanichpoomNimit Pipithkul, Orawan Owatsan, Kan Bunyaowalak, and Khemthong Morach were participants in the 1992 Goethe Institut Bangkok Experimental Film workshop. Working collaboratively, they generated a screenplay and realised the film Ukkatbat as budding artists and photographers. Several of them have since gone on to play active roles in Thailand’s contemporary and performing arts scene.




By Pimpaka Towira

Thailand | In Thai with English subtitles | 1992 | 16mm converted to digital video file | 34 min 23 sec | PG

Mae Nak is an experimental take on the folk legend of the ghost, Mae Nak Phrakanong. This film subverts the perspective, telling the story from the viewpoint of the vengeful spirit of a woman who died in childbirth rather than the terrified villagers.

Pimpaka Towira (b. 1967, Thailand) is a pioneer in the Thai independent film scene. She began making films in the early 1990s and has since received international acclaim for her films. Her first feature One Night Husband premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival (2003) and her second feature, The Island Funeral, won Best Asian Future Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival (2015). She has been the Programme Director for the Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival since 2015 and was the Program Director for the Singapore International Film Festival from 2017 to 2018. She was honoured with the National Silpathorn Award in 2009 by the Ministry of Culture of Thailand.




By Faozan Rizal

Indonesia | No dialogue | 2004 | Super 16mm film converted to digital video file | 47 min 20 sec | PG

In 1941, a Japanese soldier named Yasujiro crashes his plane in Indonesia while heading towards Pearl Harbour and is never found. This film takes place years after the crash and follows his grandson, who bears the same name, as he wanders the Indonesian landscape. Traversing through this foreign yet spectacular terrain, the younger Yasujiro connects to his past and feels the winds of time.

Faozan Rizal (b. 1973, Indonesia) is an Indonesian cinematographer and film director. He studied classical Javanese and Balinese dance and painting, before studying cinematography at the Jakarta Art Institute. He also attended the film school La Fémis in Paris. His works have been featured in various international festivals such as the Indonesian Film Festival, the Singapore International Film Festival, the Cinemanila International Film Festival and the Emirates Film Competition.


Dialogue with Pimpaka Towira and Faozan Rizal

Watch the full interview here.
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